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Why do I have to Login repeatedly (even though I haven't logged out)?

When you login your device to Camplink (or most other hotspots), we register the mac address of that device in our system. The mac address is a unique identifier, like a serial number, and we keep that device logged in even if you turn it off so you won't have to keep logging it in.

Many new devices, including Android phones with the latest updates, have recently implemented a new feature called randomized mac addressing which hides and changes the identifying mac address of your device when it connects to WiFi networks. While this is designed to enhance privacy, it also makes it impossible for our system to tell if your device is already logged in. We strongly encourage you to disable the randomized mac feature on your Camplink connection so you won’t have to go through the login process repeatedly. Here's how:

 Android 10 Phones

To tell what version of Android you are running, go into settings, click on 'About Phone' and scroll down and click on 'Software information'. The first item tells what version of Android you are running.

Next, go to 'Settings', 'Connections' and then 'Wifi'. Connect to your Camplink network. Once connected, tap the gear-shaped settings icon to the right of the connection. Select 'Advanced'. On the next menu under 'Mac Address Type' choose 'Use Phone/Device Mac' and Save. Repeat these steps for every other Camplink network you use.


Go into 'Settings', then 'Wi-Fi'. Under the Wi-Fi signal list you should see a check mark by the Camplink signal you connect to. Touch the blue colored with the circle around it to the right of the signal name. Scroll down to see if 'Private Address' is checked. If so, uncheck this to prevent the frequent login requests.

 Windows 10 Computers

Not all Windows 10 systems enforce randomized macs, but if you think yours is, follow these steps. Click on your wifi icon (near where it shows you the time of day). In the column that comes up, click on the link 'Network and Internet Settings'.

In the new Status window that opens click on Wi-Fi in the left column. On the right side of the window for the connection you are using there is a 'Random hardware addresses' section. Make sure the 'Use random hardware addresses' is 'Off' to prevent frequent login requests.