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Camplink Wi-Fi Services
"I was able to sit in my RV at any time of day or night and access the Internet at a speed much faster than the DSL connection I have at home." - Carol T.

We offer these flexible plans for your Internet Access:
1 Day $5
3 Days $10
1 Week $15
1 Month $40
2 Months $80
3 Months $105
4 Months $140
5 Months $170
6 Months $180
1 Year $240
How do I sign up?

If you’re staying at a Camplink park, you can sign up right from your RV or mobile home site by connecting wirelessly to our Camplink network. When you open your browser you'll get to your park's Camplink web site where you can purchase access. Ready to signup now? Just click below:

Purchase Access Now

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